Pass the Lemonade

As you may have noticed, I’m taking the summer off.

I didn’t really intend to, but I think the heat got to me.  That, as well as just trying to keep up with my regular duties.

But, I have been thinking.

I wonder if that’s really what summer is for– stepping back into the shade to just sit and think.

Sitting on the proverbial porch, contemplating the past, and the future.

Beats standing out in the heat while the sun addle our brains.  Everything seems to wilt and fade in the heat.

Seriously, though, I think summertime is a good time to stop and think about where we are at this point in our firm’s year.  Where we are now, and where we are going.

What might we be thinking about, before the fall brings renewed activity and energy, and while we still have a few months remaining to affect our year?  Here are a few:

Goals for the Year

How well have we done toward achieving the goals we originally set for the firm this year?  Are there actions we can still take this year to make sure we get there?  Are there any that we should stop doing, as they have not produced results?


What considerations are most critical to a successful year-end, both financially and operationally?  How can we work today to ensure the year comes to a successful close?  Are our forecasted billings for the remainder of the year going to get us there?  How do our Accounts Receivable look?


What will be important to consider for next year’s budget?  Where will we hit our budget this year, and where will we not?  Is annual compensation in the right place across the firm?  Should we be investing in new technology, new staff, or new pursuits next year?  Or should we be tightening the belt in particular places?


Did our strategies for this year pan out?  What new strategies might we consider for next year?  Should we organize a strategy planning session before the year ends, in order to have a plan ready to implement?

I plan to sit awhile and ponder these and other matters.  I’ll be back in the fall with more posts.

What are you thinking about?

In the meantime, please pass the lemonade.