The Gift of a New Year

When I was in college, 2015 was impossibly far away.

When I asked my dad about the experience of raising his family of 8 children, he used to say that it had all gone by in a blur.  I’ve now come to see exactly what he meant.

He recently passed away, making me more conscious than ever of the passage of time.

So, how will we use this gift of a new year?

I propose that we resolve to do an ever better job of managing our firms.

The economy may or may not be on our side.  Things may or may not go our way.  No matter.

It’s our job to manage well in spite of any headwinds or unforeseen challenges.

My goal with this site will be to offer helpful material and insight to those of us charged with managing a design firm, particularly in the areas of finances and operations.

I hope you’ll join the conversation.


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