To the Manner Born

We invest years of tuition, countless studio projects, and more than a few all-nighters to become architects, interior designers, landscape architects.  Years.

There are times when we may doubt our ability to get there.

It is a significant accomplishment to finish.  Not just anyone can do it.

So we begin our careers with both a sense of relief, and a feeling that we now deserve to go out and do real projects.  Flex our design muscles.  And unlike Howard Roarck in the photo, actually see our projects built.

And get paid for it.

That’s why we went to design school, anyway.

And so we get jobs, and jump into projects.  In fact, professional licensure requires it.  We’ve got to log a lot of project time in order to eventually acquire a license.  More years.

We spend so many years doing them that projects become part of our DNA.  It’s just who we are.  We execute projects during the day, and dream about them at night.

We were meant to do projects.

We understand how to do them.  We understand the work, and who is needed to help us do it.  We understand teamwork.  We know how to work with consultants.  We understand our clients and their needs.  We (probably) understand the fees required to do the work.

We can easily apply what we know in our bones about projects to running the firm.  The firm is essentially a bunch of people doing a bunch of projects.  Well, okay, there may be a bit more to it than that, but nevertheless, nothing could be easier for us to grasp.

It’s just a matter of scale.

And that’s another thing we understand well.




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